Chi Medics: ‘A balanced synergy of the Chinese Philosophy, including Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) with Energy diagnostics, via the feet and body’.

East meets West with a truly unique approach. 

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We are specialists in Chi Medics, Clinical Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology. It is the only  training facility in the world to offer this unique training.

The complete Chi Medics Therapy, professional training over six levels, is an Federation of Holistic Therapies, (FHT) Accredited Qualification.

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Chi Medics Therapy

Established in 1995 Australian born and used worldwide in a variety of modalities, by health care professionals, Reflexologists, and complementary therapists.

It is best described as ‘A synergy of the Chinese Philosophy, Classical Chinese Medicine, Energy diagnostics and Acupressure’.

The depth and breadth of this therapy affords the practitioner the use of unique knowledge to address a person on all levels: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual using unique and specific techniques, via the feet.

Chi Medics – Via the Feet Practitioners are taught through a comprehensive curriculum, which takes on average one year to reach the Level 6 accredited qualification. Level 1 is a standalone two-day live online training. Each stage then builds upon a firm foundation, approximately once per month, the one-day training events provide the participant with a new layer of knowledge and understanding.

Chi Medics practitioner clients are reporting excellent responses to the individual treatment plans. The therapy can be safely used alongside Western Medicine.

 It offers support for pain, rehabilitation, acute and chronic conditions, also conception, maternity, babies and children and the elderly, including end of life. Chi Medics therapy has also been used to provide assistance to those who are living with Mental Health issues, special needs and disabilities.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses are available, perfect for qualified Reflexologists, healthcare professionals and complementary therapists, to enhance their skill level and understanding.

Excellent for pain management therefore Chi Medics will expand all body therapies.

The world of Chi Medics can open the door for you to thoroughly explore and learn. We can answer your questions and also invoke your thirst for more. You can evolve and expand on your own journey in your own time. We are honoured to be there with you every step of the way.

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Where the wisdom of the East meets the practicality of the 

West to expand the boundaries of Therapies, Knowledge and Education

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