The Poison Points (now known as the Chi Medics Release Points), were first incorporated into Moss Arnold’ Australian College of Chi-Reflexology Course- Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Treatment, around 2007.

Here’s the full history of Jody Morrison’s Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Course:

Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology was one of The Australian College of Chi-Reflexology’s most popular Post Graduate Courses. The Origins of the development of this course is interesting.

A student on the very first course that Moss Arnold taught in 1993 put together a fantastic Research Project , which was a requirement of the College Diploma. Her name was Jody Morrison, she was a qualified Massage Therapist who had studied both Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphatic Massage.

Jody combined her extensive understanding of the Lymphatic System with Moss’ Anatomical Reflection Theory, plus his approach, and developed an amazing Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology treatment.

The innovation at the time, (1995) was that the medial aspect of the feet were used for reflexes, plus the whole Lymphatic System was charted, following Moss perspective of the human being reflected through the feet.

At the time Jody suggested that the separate aspects in the treatment were worked three times. In the early development of Chi-Reflexology, Moss had chosen to use three during sessions (which came from the Chinese approach of three being the number of balance), so it was reflected from his teaching. This was changed to four times and is explained why later.

It proved to be so effective that Moss asked her to present it for the College as a Post Graduate Course, early in 1995. The whole module was typed and included her clear, hand drawn illustrations. As far as we know she was the First in the world of Reflexology to ‘invent’ this application through the feet.

The Cover page for Jody Morrison’s Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology 1995

Reflexologists from near and far attended her Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Course and reported back that their clients were experiencing huge improvements. After around 12 years of successful training for the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology and running her own Clinic, Jody eventually semi-retired and moved from the Blue Mountains.

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Jodie Morrison (with the late Maurice Federici).Taking a break at Student Clinic. They were a part of the first group of Moss Arnolds College students in 1993.
Jody became a Trainer for the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology and presented- Reflexology 1, Reflexology 2 and Reflexology 3 & CPD: Foot Talk, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (originator) and was the Head of Supervised Student Clinics.

As I had studied the course with Jody, before moving to Western Australia, I was delighted when Moss and Jody asked me to continue teaching her Post Graduate Course, from my Branch of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, in WA. Jody, generously gifted the whole course and permission to teach it, to the Moss Arnold and Sharon Windle Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, in 2006.

At this time, Moss was writing his second book, Reflexology Basics of the Middle Way (finally published in 2010) and the Systems booklet.

Chi reflexology book basics of the middle way
Clinical Reflexology book by Moss Arnold 2010, developed from his original teaching notes- 1993

The worlds First booklet charting the Systems of the Body through the feet.

Moss and I decided to refresh the Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Course with the new images and to incorporate the Poison Points (now known as the Release Points) for the first time.

So in 2007 we relaunched the Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Post Grad. Course. It was, again a sort after course which always brought excellent results. The inclusion of the Poison Points made a fantastic method even more effective. Also one of the major inclusions was to use ‘Four times’ as a treatment basis, as Moss had changed from three to four for balance, on all four levels of existence). Each section was worked on four times and I suggested to conduct four treatments over a six week period if possible.

The reason these changes occurred, was due to the participants case studies. When they were collated for marking it was amazing how many clients experienced a low point after the third treatment. When a fourth session was included the clients reported that they experienced an excellent result. Working on something four times had already been incorporated in the College modules for balance, it proved to be effective for any treatment plan.

Moss and I discussed many aspects of Clinical Reflexology over the years, and it dawned on us, as to HOW and WHY the method that Jody had worked out, was successful when applied through the feet. We will release this at a later date.

Around this time, (I am not sure of the exact year), Moshe Kruchik was teaching his version of Lymphatic Reflexology and then around 2011, I heard of the development of Sally Kays RLD in the UK.

We were viewing, with great interest, Sally’s journey and applauded when she sought to set up the research for RLD. Sadly, no evidence was gathered by the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology over the years! As you can imagine, I would have loved to have been able to swop notes with Sally at this point.

However, one of the Colleges UK representatives had been in touch with me to enquire about our version of Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology and I explained our findings, slight adjustments and outcomes. She was so interested in the treatment that she decided to attend Sally’s course in the UK. She had time on the course to compare and discuss protocols and I was still aching to do the same!

We relocated to the UK in 2017 and as Sally Kays RLD research was well underway, out of respect, we decided to retire Jody’s Course. Of course, I was eager to find an opportunity to discuss with Sally, our theory of how the Lymphatic System in Reflexology worked through the feet and the difference that it had made to include the Poison Points, (now known as the Release points)

Eventually, Moss and I had the pleasure of meeting Sally at the UK Conference in 2018. By this time the Research required that the protocol that Sally had presented, was to stay in place for constant, clear and measurable results. So no changes or additions could be made to her version of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, RLD.

Recently, we were presented with a Significant Result from one of our Online Course participantswhen she combined The Chi Medics Release Points and RDL

 There will be further treatments conducted and it will be fascinating for the progress and for the community to have further results, you can read more through the guides in the Chi Medics social learning Facebook group.

The Release Points have revealed many positives when included into therapy sessions.

If you would like to attend the Chi Medics Release Points Online Training Course, (which is open to all qualified therapists and health care professionals), you can view the course description, course bookings  and reviews through this link:

If you would like to purchase the First Clinical Reflexology Chart and the Systems booklet, which are based on Moss Arnolds’ Anatomical Reflection theory, here is a link to the shop:

We look forward to meeting you along your learning journey

WARNING: A wealth of knowledge and experience are generously shared on the Chi Medics courses. Delivered with passion, humour and commitment, they may become addictive……

Sharon Windle and Moss Arnold

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  2. Over the years I have studied with Moss and Sharon. I also became an approved RLD provider in 2020 with Sally Kay.

    In my practice, I use both techniques daily with much success.

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