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Chi Medics is an exciting wholistic Energy Therapy which has evolved from Clinical Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology. 

Excellent results have been experienced when the Chi Medics approach is applied to a variety of health issues, it may be used to assist pain, mobility management, post recovery care, inflammatory issues etc. The application can be used effectively from infants through to the elderly.

Chi Medics can expand all body therapies with a thorough philosophical and knowledge based practical application which has evolved over 35 years of hands-on application by Moss Arnold and Sharon Windle

They are both passionate and experienced educators, the Professional CPD courses that they offer are unique in information and based upon knowledge and clinical experience.

There are a variety of courses on offer from Distance education modules, 1 day CPD courses through to the Chi Medics Professional Practitioner Qualification.

The Courses can be viewed on the Courses Page for purchase and the Training page for the outlines.

The Chi Medics Approach combines the Chinese Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, Acu-points and Meridians, with foot and body therapy, in an easy, quick and effective way.

Chi is the western word for the Chinese Qi or energy, while the Japanese word for energy is Ki, and the Indian is Prana and chakras. It is all energy or Chi and so are included in Chi Medics, with the emphasis on TCM.

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The Team

Moss Chi Medics


Moss Arnold BA Dip. Ed, Dip. FR, Dip. OM, Dip. TCM, Acupressure and Reflexology Therapist, owner and originator of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, Member of Professional Reflexology (MRP), formerly Accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) and MAR. Owner and originator of Chi Medics

Sharon Chi Medics


Sharon Windle Assistant Principal for ACCR, Manager WA Branch of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, Diploma of Chi-Reflexology, Diploma of Clinical Reflexology, Cert IV TAE, Member of Professional Reflexology (MRP),Former Accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and MAR Owner and originator of Chi Medics

why Chi Medics


Chi Medics is a culmination of Moss and Sharon’s dream of a truly wholistic and worthwhile body therapy based on both knowledge (yang) and intuition (yin) – another manifestation of yin and yang balance.  For knowledge without intuition is dead (the black print on a page) as intuition without knowledge is useless (sand or water running through your fingers). 

One needs both; working intuitively and the more knowledge the more accurate the intuition is as it has a greater range of options from which to choose. If something can do good, it must also have the equal and opposite potential for harm. Positive and negative. Day and night. Right and wrong. Good and bad.

Sharon and Moss demonstrating integration Balance

By working with Chi Medics and its approach, you are in fact working wholistically as Chi covers all Four Levels of Existence – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. No one level isn’t involved. It is also a philosophical approach based on the Hippocratic Oath. – “I shall do no harm” and so works with the body rather than against it; and the approach is one of gently communicating with body and asking the body to correct imbalances of chi in whatever manifestation it appears via simple, specific and advanced techniques.

It is using acu-points significantly as the original Acupressure had no pathways or Meridians, and so the emphasis is on the points and being specific and accurate using tips of fingers and thumbs gently. The pathways or Meridians therefore are secondly to the points, but are used as well.  Therefore an understanding of the Chinese energy system gives a broader picture.

A simple truth: The clearer the question, the clearer the response. The body is not forced in any way. With this philosophical and TCM approach, the body opens to you quickly and easily and allows much to be done in very little time.  As a gentle approach, it also minimises physical strain on the practitioner.

Another important aspect of Chi Medics is its energy diagnosis via the Five Phases Theory. This allows the therapist to discover, recognise and work accordingly with the client’s Chi pattern of life, from birth until death and to understand this process in its most beautiful of contexts. It is so complete that it is also predictive allows one to understand what will happen as well. It allows one to deal with the pattern as well as the underlying cause. And to truly work with the human condition in the most wholistic of ways. There is nothing so profound.

The Chi Medics Rules are another very important philosophical and practical tool, and other useful tools include the TWO Chinese Clocks. An understanding of pain as a message system, understanding chi, yin/yang and balance, and integrating the human being.

There is so much that could be added here as Chi Medics opens the door to magic happening. It is truly amazing, and so with the above in mind, Chi Medics is based on this philosophical and wholistic approach and the Chinese TCM framework to produce easy, quick and positive responses. Professional Training available, where Sharon and Moss’ extensive knowledge and experience is shared for the benefit of their fellow therapists and their patients/clients.

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