Code of Practice

• Abide by the commonly held ethical, moral and behavioural standards.
• Abide by the Professional Organisation’s Code of Ethics that Chi Medics may be accredited with.
• Conduct all business and teaching in a professional and ethical manner.
• In accordance with wholistic principles, present a professional training service to the best of its ability.
• Keep the standard of its professional work as high as possible, at all times.
• Adhere to the confidentiality and privacy of all students.
• Not be involved in any practice, which may bring disrepute to the Natural Therapies Profession.
• Conduct all business with its participants in a fair and impartial manner, endeavouring to satisfy the needs of all concerned to the best of its ability.
• Set all standards: academic, professional, practical, clinical and ethical for the participants under its guidance, and for the trainers.
• Set, oversee and administer the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) policy, the fee structure and the refund policy.
• Organise and administer all aspects of the seminars offered, including varying course requirements, policies, guidelines, schedules, fees etc.
• Adhere to all applicable legislation.
• Never criticise, condemn or otherwise denigrate a member of the profession or any other allied profession whilst teaching or in the public.
• Ensure that all persons involved with Chi Medics shall be informed of the Code of Practice and its requirements that he/she strictly adhere to this Code while involved with Chi Medics.

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