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The philosophy of our training is a simple one – to provide quality educational opportunities in Chi Medics (with the foundations of Clinical Reflexology, Chi-Reflexology, the Chinese Philosophy and CCM); via the best possible, most up-to-date and far-reaching professional training.

Moss Arnold and Sharon Windle have over 50 years of combined Clinical Experience to share, they are still exploring and researching for continued growth.

Please contact us if you would like a course in your area!

The Online Zoom Training is a wonderful training platform and we can accommodate your location worldwide! If you cannot find a training date below to suit your needs, do consider gathering a group (minimum 6) participants and book a date with us.

  Moss and Sharon-  info@chi-medics.com


CHI MEDICS Advanced CPD Training Courses:

(For Full Professional Practitioner Training please follow this link-https://www.chi-medics.com/professional-training/)

Prerequisite: Qualified Health Care Providers, Reflexologists and Body Therapists

Chi Medics is the only training facility in the world who offer this knowledge and approach. The foundations are based on an understanding of working with the body therapeutically, through the feet.

We show you the location of the relevant reflexes, (using Moss’ Anatomical Reflection Theory) and Energy-points on the feet.

Each course gives you the understanding of the knowledge and the possible, effective uses. You also learn a special Chi Medics balance to include at the end of your sessions, which can be used for a variety of situations.

The use of the selected specific reflexes and energy points may accelerate recovery in a healing response. Experience has shown us that working accurately, combined with Chi Medics knowledge and approach, provides consistent and effective results.

The courses will provide you with all the unique information, knowledge and techniques, that you need to confidently address your clients presenting issues.

Amazing courses for advanced insight and knowledge to add to your therapy. Each course is designed to focus purely on the course topic. There is no overlap on our courses, apart from the connection to the client, holding and closing techniques  

Training in an important investment, the unique knowledge that you gain could give you a shining light for your business and enhance your success. The one day courses are £140 for a full days interactive and supervised training. The knowledge and information is presented, demonstrations bring it alive for you to embed the theory, we carefully observe your practical application and conclude with scenarios and discussions to ensure that, with further practise you will be confident.

After attendance and completion of assessment you will be eligible to use the Chi Medics approved techniques logo.

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Online and Distance Education Courses:

CHI MEDICS Advanced CPD Training  2023

One Day Courses:

Three Day Course:

General Interest:

Distance Education Modules –

equivalent to one day training, 8 hrs.

plus assessments, 4hrs

Total hrs 12, to gain the CPD certificate.


Training Dates

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See our DVD's

Excellent educational resources for beginners through to professional practitioners. Easy to follow and informative Moss guides you from Clinical Reflexology, Chi-Reflexology to the new work of Chi-Medics

100% Committed to your learning

Where you train is important. We are specialists with many years of clinical and training experience. And as such we are proud to offer our training in a professional and caring and supportive environment. Positive mentoring will assist you to expand on all levels.

You will experience the educational quality and enthusiasm the moment you contact us. With the variety of learning options available and with close consultation we provide the highest standard of support and continuity.

Chi Medics are continually aiming to improve the training and method of delivery so that as many as possible anywhere in the world can have access to the information, via literature as well as DVDs & assessment.

We are qualified and highly motivated and experienced trainers. We offer a unique educational opportunity which aims to encourage the development of free-thinking and  knowledgeable and independent therapists who are able of making decisions for the benefit of their clients. You can develop a variety of theoretical and practical skills that you can call on as needed.

The door is always open

Training is a very important investment; our commitment to your learning will enable you to have access to us, we have mentored many people along their journey, we are always there to help and assist during and after your training. You may discover things about yourself furthermore make deep friendships with participants and staff. Like many alumni you can start a lifelong connection with us and Chi-Medics.

 Welcome aboard!        

Kind regards Moss and Sharon

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