IP Agreement

All of Chi Medics (incorporating Chi-Reflexology, Clinical Reflexology and The Release Points/Poison Points) Professional Training, is undertaken with signed agreement on each day of your course (in-person or online), as determined under Trade Mark and copyright laws.

You agree to use the information in any form for individual use only. You are agreeing to call Chi Medics by its correct name and not use any part of the content or techniques, merge it with other treatments and re-name it. You are using Chi Medics knowledge and techniques. In addition, you agree not to share the content, publications, DVDs, videos, charts, booklets etc in any form, either physically or electronically.

You also agree not to teach any aspect of the course in any form or variation. Chi Medics (and anything connected to Chi Medics, such as Chi-Reflexology, The Release points/ Poison Points), owns all intellectual property rights to all these materials and training.