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‘A World First’ for the Reflexology community and taught by Moss Arnold in the nineties, is this Basics of the Middle Way Series by Moss Arnold with detailed analysis of the practical applications of Clinical Reflexology as a serious therapy and science.

The DVD was released in 2010 and shows Moss demonstrating all of the practical techniques that were then, a part of his Australian College of Chi-Reflexology’s Clinical Reflexology Diploma. These foundations were built upon with the multi faceted curriculum.

The package includes -The Chi Medics Clinical Reflexology Foot Chart, The Basics of the middle way Book and DVD

ALL completely original and based upon Moss’ Anatomical Reflection Theory which are the Foundations for Chi-Reflexology and now Chi Medics.

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“A World First” This series was ground breaking when Moss Arnold  first designed and taught his approach of Clinical Reflexology in the mid-nineties, recent additions from Moss and Sharon Windle form an absolute gem of a package!

Clinical Reflexology: Basics of the Middle Way Book

“What I love most about Moss is his ability to speak passionately about Reflexology and its application, his dedication to giving only the best treatment and the respect that he affords everyone while being pragmatic enough to say ‘if you don’t agree with me then throw it out’. He is also extremely generous with his information and has given much of his work and knowledge away for free”………

“This book goes back to basics but is in no way a basic book. Moss has an honest approach to everything and this book tells it like it is. Starting at the beginning is always helpful and this book looks at the client approach in terms of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical but goes further and also explains why. This, for me, is something that can often be left out of other books and is the one question I am always left asking: but why am I doing it like this?”……..

Clinical Reflexology: Basics of the Middle Way DVD

This Brilliant DVD leads you through all of the practical applications of Reflexology, based on his book of the same title. It is over one and a half hours of Moss demonstrating and explaining the practical Clinical Reflexology approach and techniques from:  Section 2: Reflexology Techniques by Moss Arnold


The Foot Chart, based on the “Anatomical Reflection Theory” rather than on any previous foot charts. A unique and original colour physical chart of the reflexes in the feet, it is unique in its accuracy of all the systems of the body. On one side are the two Plantar/Sole Views: Superficial and Deep and on the other side are the Medial/ Inside, Dorsal/Back and Lateral/Outside views of the reflexes of the feet. It accompanies the Clinical Reflexology Book and DVD.
Invaluable for reflexologists, body therapists, natural therapists and health care providers; it will give the therapist the tools to accurately locate and work the reflexes.
So versatile! It can be hung on the wall for reference, used as a chart that sits up, and is portable as it folds into less than A4 size. A 250cm X 500cm folded into thirds, back-to-back in full colour. Designed by  Moss Arnold and Sharon Windle


The Advanced Clinical Reflexology Package Includes, package, postage and handling and fees.




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