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Sharon Windle Assistant Principal for The Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, Manager WA Branch of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, Diploma of  Chi-Reflexology, Diploma of Clinical Reflexology, Cert IV TAE 9TRAINER & Assessor), Accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). MAR (originator of Chi Medics).

This is where Sharon’s extremely important contribution to the development of Chi Medics came into the picture. Sharon studied Clinical Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology with Moss in mid-2000s, attaining both Diplomas. She was a challenging student who even while studying with Moss, had the foresight to realise that he was not teaching the whole picture. Sharon just wanted to know more. No one had ever seen so much and so clearly.

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So after qualifying, she began working with Moss, encouraging him initially to discuss Chi Medics with her privately. At the same time, she started working and teaching with Moss in the College and their collaboration began. Then their paths diverted as Sharon moved to Perth, Western Australia and opened a branch of the College and began teaching Clinical Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology for the College. However, even at this stage, she prodded Moss, questioning, discussing and gently stretching for more of Chi Medics, all the while encouraging him to expand. The telephone bills were huge! 


In 2010 Sharon moved back to the Blue Mountains and started working more closely with Moss professionally and personally. Sharon Joined Moss in his clinic and in his home. They finally married in 2015. During this time, Moss and Sharon continued to expand and deepen their understanding of Chi Medics. All the while Sharon encouraging Moss to share Chi Medics and Moss dragging his heels, excuse the pun. They moved to England in 2017 with the express purpose of leaving the Australian College and Reflexology/Chi-Reflexology behind and finally putting Chi Medics together. And sharing it both through the feet and the body. With Sharon’s love and dedication to the cause, it has finally happened.

So Sharon’s contribution to the development of Chi Medics has been extremely important, valuable and insightful. She has added more than anyone could possibly understand. It is only now seeing the light of day and being born as a result of her knowledge, ability, skills, encouragement and love of learning.

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